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Adventures in Freedom. Learning skills for an empowered life

Using Our own Economy

Stimulating the Community Exchange System as a viable means of trading without money, banks, or interest

Up-skilling for self sufficiency

Learning about natural law, permaculture, natural building, healthy eating, natural medicine, regaining our sovereignty

Celebrating our Connectedness

Co-creative entertainment and all manner of artistry, healing, honouring, yoga, meditation, building community...


Learning Man 

An Off-Grid, Talent Exchange Gathering
~ 19th – 29th Dec 2016

  • A fun-filled, family-friendly social, musical, knowledge and arts gathering, of enquiring minds, to stimulate interactivity, creativity, wisdom and preparedness for a fast-changing world.
  • Focusing on earth-based wisdom, the healing arts, self empowerment, common law, yoga, soul dance and skills and technologies for self-sufficiency, this festival aims  for real community building, while helping to identify and refine our individual and collective offerings.
  • An exploration of life without money through the exchange of skills, goods, services, knowledge, labour and entertainment using only the Community Exchange System.
  • An opportunity to gather with like minded friends, music, dancing, bonfires, child minders, river swimming, tribal drumming jams and the conscious focusing of collective intent.

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Big thanks to the Learning Clan that gathered for the first time in 2015 to teach, learn, trade and play . Bringing a wealth of knowledge, talent, ideas, innovations, sharing, curiosity, enthusiasm and participatory energy, experimenting with living for week on the land without money.

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 A few comments …

“What an honour to be part of such a transforming journey of healing and happiness” Barbra Cowley
“One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in South Africa and a dream come true for me. The event fed my heart and soul and allowed me to connect so deeply with so many people.” – Samantha Rose

“This event was a lot more than just a festival, it was a deep shamanic process for everyone involved. We are eternally grateful to all the connections, the teachings, the ceremonials and the entire community for participating in this life changing experience with us” Nixiwaka & Txarani
“The speakers were amazing, the yoga, dance and sound journeys healing. What a pleasure to meet like minded folk and be introduced to so many existing and new ventures starting.” – Penny Acton
A huge thank you to all the beautiful souls who made this spectacular event possible. It was inspirational and brought back a sense of the original reason why we gather to celebrate and learn from each other. It was wonderful to connect with old friends and meet so many like minded souls. Thank you so much for your love, energy and hope in a new way of being. I pray this grows into something we will hold in our hearts and forge a new path, a new way of living and being, of creativity and sharing, of honouring Great Spirit and Mother Earth and all the beings in this great wheel if life.”  Graeme Quinn
“What an event! I left feeling humbled and reassured about our ability to continue existing on this fine planet and to do so in freedom. A huge and heartfelt thanks to all who attended, contributed and chose to be there. The grid has been altered in ways which only retrospect will be able to show from the vantage point of a bright future.” Lawrence Quolloi
“Infinite blessings to all you learners, teachers, healers & co-creators. A most magical time ever in the circle of dreams, under the stars, protective trees, cleansing river, dancing fires, gentle earth. We sang, laughed, danced, played, chirped, learnt, loved & shared, and most of all were FREE! Live consciously, tread lightly, shine brightly.” Jules Sprenger
“I cried leaving behind river, soft earth, oaks and wattles, drumming, dancing, and most of all my precious heart-and-soul-family, finally found after much searching. I am deeply grateful to each shining soul for co-creating and making visible the way we want to live. As hard as it was leaving that loving home, and coming back to the world, I am filled with hope and determination to raise consciousness in our own communities by loving in our truth and sharing our abundant gifts.” – Lynn Groenewald
“Wow! What a life affirming, authentic way to experience living. We did it!  Looking forward to integrating the communal vibes we shared into everyday life” Nur Felix
“I feel so privileged to have been part of this hugely successful first Learning Man festival. The emphasis is on increasing our awareness and connection to each and the earth, for the greater good. So inspired by so many beautiful radiant energetic and wonderful human beings. One love.”  Nina McDonough Beaufort
“Thank you to everyone at the festival for your contribution in being uniquely you. I bow to your courage and magnificence, we are the changemakers and let’s bring this passion and inspiration to our every day lives and continue to bridge the gap between the old and new.” Tracey Russell
I think this was the greatest festival ever. There is a subtle profoundness in what happened, hard to express what it was, but for now all I can say is thank you to everyone for striving for honesty in all aspects of being. I wish we were living like this. The first step has been taken, now we know for next time how to go further. – David Tomsu

“THANK YOU for an INCREDIBLE festival! I feel transformed, inspired, connected! My children and I are already planning workshops and activities that we can do next year to earn talents so that we can participate in all the powerful offerings with more integrity. What an incredible community of people! Thank you for the opportunity to step into our power, connect and co-create. We feel honoured and deeply touched to have experienced Learning Man. Deep gratitude.” Pippa Solomon

“To all the magnificent new friends I’ve met at “Learning Man” I am truly inspired to know that I am not alone on an island with a vision, but that I stand unified and together with a growing support system. Thank you for all the sharing, loving heart spaces created by dance facilitators, meditation groups, sharing of so many new empowering skills and a general openess to each other. It was beautiful to see all the synchronicity happening when everyone entrained to the vision of Unity, Peace and Love. What a great example of human-kind you have been for me, when I’ve been consumed with raw sadness for the state of the planet and humanity! Thank you, I love you all! – Ayala Katz


“What an amazing time I had at Learning Man. For the first time in a long, long time, I felt like I belonged! I met so many new zany people, went to some really inspiring talks and experiences, made new friends, and danced for the first time in many years  and generally felt ‘re-born-again’ again! It was really hard to leave – I could easily live like this. A big thanks to all for pulling off this extraordinary ‘social experiment’ of a ‘pop-up village’  together with such incredible grace and ease.” Charmaine Treherne


“my heart and spirit are still dancing to the drums at learning man. Words CANNOT describe the amazing village / tribe experience which unfolded. Every moment of every day was special and I wish I had arrived earlier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each incredible human being I had the privilege of connecting with” .Mark Berger



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